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This web site was built and is maintained by Summit City Bass Masters members Jim Graham and Wendel Brown. If you are interested in the club you may email Wendel or call the president or vice president. The club was started in 1975. A brief history of the club is located near the bottom of this page. It was a BASS affiliated chapter until 2006. Since 2006 the club has been an FLW affiliated club and is a member of the Indiana Bass Federation and the national TBF organization. It has a strong sense of community involvement by donating funds and time to the Fort Wayne, Indiana community. Each year the club takes some less fortunate people, usually kids, fishing. These people are kids in Big Brothers - Big Sisters or people with disabilities. They not only take them fishing but also give them tackle so they can go fishing on their own later.

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SCBM Constitution and Bylaws This is the current constitution and bylaws of the Summit City Bass Masters as of September 2, 2008.

SCBM Tournament Etiquette This is a guide of what is expected of members of the Summit City Bass Masters approved December 2, 2008.

SCBM Application for Membership This is the current application for membership of the Summit City Bass Masters as of March 10, 2007. Please print this application, fill it out and bring it to the next club meeting.

Summit City Bass Masters History

as written by Wendel Brown in February, 2009.

As stated above the club was started in 1975. I joined a bass club called the "Try Harders" in 1974. I had recently moved to Fort Wayne and was looking for a club to join because I wanted to widen my abilities and learn about the relatively new sport of bass fishing competition. B.A.S.S. was a fairly new organization that was running tournaments across the south. I made the acquaintance of a couple of men, Maynard Logan and Ray Voorhees at the 1974 Fort Wayne Sports Vacation and Boat Show in February of 1974. They talked bass fishing and I was hooked. Unfortunately the "Try Harders" bass club was not fluorishing and neither was another Fort Wayne bass club the "United Bass Anglers". Most of the members of the "United Bass Anglers" were employees of the International Harvester factory in Fort Wayne. Some of the members of both clubs were acquainted with each other and between them in 1975 they decided to merge the two clubs into one club so they would have a larger membership base and have a better chance of growing.

The members decided that the new club should have a new name and "Summit City Bassmasters" was chosen. They also decided to become affiliated with the B.A.S.S. organization. The club continued B.A.S.S. affiliation until 2006. In 2006 there was a disagreement between the TBF (The Bass Federation) a national organization that had grown out of the state federations and B.A.S.S. B.A.S.S. had been bought from the owners by ESPN and was being run as a subsidiary of ESPN Sports. The club membership decided to go with a majority of other Indiana bass clubs and affiliate with the FLW. The club is now an FLW affiliated club and is a member of the Indiana Bass Federation and the national TBF organization. Also as a result of this change in affiliation in 2006 the name was changed to "Summit City Bass Masters".

The club did grow. In the late 70's or early 80's at times there were more than 50 members. That number of people in the club created some problems because of the size. In those earlier days there was a large diversity of opinion as to what the club should do, the lakes we should fish, the dates, etc. There were several spirited discussions. There were also a number of clubs that came into being because of our club. Some members decided to start their own club because of a difference of opinion with the rest of the membership or because of the size and wanting a smaller group. Some of these clubs from those earlier days still exist today. The Three Rivers Bass Casters bass club is an example. That club is still very strong and still has some members that were originally in Summit City.

I plan to add more material to this history periodically as I have time and energy. If you are a former or current club member or know or are related to a former or current club member and would like to contribute or comment on this history of the Summit City Bass Masters please contact me. I would like to hear from you. Thanks, Wendel Brown

Here are some emblems of the club from over the years

Try Harder Bass club patch
ca. 1974

United Bass Anglers club patch
ca. 1974

Summit City Bassmasters club patch
ca. 1975 - 198?

Club patch modernized by a club member
ca. 2004

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